Therapy for Depression

Therapy for Depression

Have you lost your joy for life? Are you feeling depressed, hopeless, and alone?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion and crying all the time? Or maybe you find yourself feeling angry or irritated about everything.

Are you sleeping all the time or not at all? Are you consumed with feelings of shame and guilt? Maybe you even find yourself thinking you wish you weren’t here anymore. These are all symptoms of depression.

Mental Health Minute: Depression

Video courtesy of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Depression is usually rooted in negative beliefs about our self.

Do any of these thoughts feel true?

•I am helpless

•I am inadequate

•I am powerless

•I am incompetent 

•I am a failure

•I am defective

•I am unlovable

•I am unworthy

•I am bad

•I am bound to be rejected

•I am bound to be alone

•I am different

If any of these ring true, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there is hope!

I offer cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and EMDR Therapy, which are both effective treatments for addressing depression. Together we will identify the experiences that triggered your depression. We will process those memories and replace negative core beliefs with healthier ways of thinking about yourself and the events that happened to you.

Depression can be the result of both circumstantial and biological factors. Sometimes when depression hangs on for an extended period, it becomes a biological issue as well as a mental health issue. When depression has a biological factor, medication can be helpful, but it is always important to continue with therapy to resolve the underlying condition that triggered the biological issue.

I will offer support and care as you walk through this very dark time in your life. If you are ready to start feeling better, contact me today for a free consultation.